Sunday January 24th 2021

Henry West Directs Influential Video For Bali

Henry West Directed The Most Influential Travel Video For Bali

In 2016, Mr West embarked on his first adventure to Indonesia for 12 days. He spent the majority of his time on the island of Bali whilst also visiting smaller, neighbouring islands. Using his award winning film making skills he documented his time there, over land and into the surrounding oceans. With Mr West’s background in action sports film making, his skills prevailed due to the available activities on the Indonesian islands. The encapsulating seas have some of the most consistent waves in the world, allowing for surfing to be executed every day. Combined with the swell, the warm water and reefs provide a perfect breeding ground for sea life. 

Mr West’s rare skillset of cinematography combined with his innate skills as a waterman allowed him to capture angles that many others can only imagine. Surfing, free diving, skate boarding, motorcycle riding with camera in hand allowed Mr West to capture these thrilling moments and stunning cultural highlights. 

Where most of the industry focus’ on one aspect of the film making process, Mr West is able to edit the videos he captures himself. This creative vision combination fabricates him into an extremely valuable Creative Director for some of the largest companies in the world. Mr West has used the expertise displayed in this video to create campaigns for Adidas around the globe on many occasions. When Adidas collaborated with Parley, extracting marine plastic pollution from the ocean, manufacturing the waste into footwear, you can probably guess who created an award winning piece for the collaboration. Yes, Mr West was this man who was then scooped up by Parley to continue creating campaigns for them. It was on Mr West’s adventure to the final continent of the world to capture videos for Parley in Antarctica, where he met Mr Barry Drews, the founder of Where Next.

Since then, the gentlemen travelled to many countries, across multiple continents together creating stunning visual pieces. One island they mutually admire is Bali with all it offers in beauty and culture, hence the construction of Where Next’s new Headquarters on the island.

Written by Barry Drews