Barry Drews

Barry Drews

I’m Barry - a travel enthusiast with an act for amazing photographs and epic videography. Travel will always be my number one love but fitness and living a healthy way of life is right behind it.

As a young kid my family would travel a lot within the US but I only went outside of the US one time which was to Mexico. But traveling has always been apart of my life.

It wasn’t until I met Shawn that my true passion for wanting to see the world and experiencing the amazing cultures we have in this world came out. We sat in our offices telling each other to google this and google that for hours which got us to planning one epic trip together for 5 months. I then extended that to travel solo for another 7 months making one crazy year of traveling the world.

To state the obvious I am now hooked and wont look back, I love to travel and continue to see new places. I have already been to all 7 continents, next is every country in the world! Getting to experience new cultures and see new destinations that we are able to share with you is something special.

I am so passionate about traveling that we started Where Ne❌t? Retreats as another way for us to show you the best ways of traveling. We are excited to collaborate with some of your favorite influencers to put on the post epic retreats in some of the most beautiful destinations.

My favorite part is meeting all the new people from the locals to other crazy vagabonds like myself and having a beer with them at a local pub. Yes I love BEER, I have tried the local beer in every country (except 2) I have been to plus some amazing craft beers. Who has the best? Check out the blogs we might just tell you!

Join #WhereNe❌t and come travel with us on our next adventure!

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